Diamond & Gold Buying

Diamond Guarantee & Quality Assurance


Trade in or sell your jewelry & Watches

Thinking about selling your jewelry? If you have unwanted jewelry or Swiss watches that you don’t wear or want, or jewelry that is broken , it’s worth more to you in cash than it is collecting dust in your jewelry box.

We offer competitive prices for Diamonds over 3/4 carat, gold, platinum, and fine Swiss watches.

Plus, you can receive 20% more in-store credit over our cash offer!

Gold and platinum are accepted in any condition. Diamonds are evaluated loose or set in jewelry. All transactions are private and confidential.  We have experts in our store ready to help, but we suggest calling or making an appointment to make sure we are best prepared for your visit.

When you visit , our expert  will carefully examine your jewelry or watch to determine the quality and condition of your piece. Most visits, we will make you an offer and you can walk out of the store with a check in hand.